Monday, August 06, 2007
The Clash: Day 1
Today started early, with the alarms going off at 6:30. I got up, got a shower, had my quiet time, and headed off to breakfast. After breakfast, we had our first session of the day. It was kind of a intro lecture on worldview, given by Nathan Sasser (Jeff Purswell's "uber-intern"). It was really good, but I don't have time to go into it... then we had a short break, and Jeff Purswell jumped in with his first part of his lecture entitled "The Kingdom of God" on Christian worldview. Then we had lunch, then we got together with our discussion groups (mine lead by Brent Detwiler!) and discussed the messages. I have an amazing group. It's been great to get to know them, as little as I do so far.

After that, we went back to hear Jeff Purswell's second part. Then off to play games. My group played kickball.... and we lost... but we would've won if we had more time... we were coming back.... we got off to a bad start... and only played 3-4 innings....

After a shower, we went to dinner... the food isn't that bad here at Messiah College... then off to our next lecture given by Natha Sasser again, about the Doctrine of God. He got into the incommunicable atributes of God, and used God's name for himself to expound on that. (Yaweh... "I AM WHO I AM") It was really good.... and I managed to stay awake.

After another coffe/tea/soda break (where I grabbed a soda for caffine, then realized... and taking my first sip.... that it was caffine free.... so I got tea...) we went to hear our last lecture. Nathan spoke again on Metaphysics. It was very deep and definately made you think. Even though I was half falling asleep from exhaustion, I was engrossed in it. I love all the philosophy and logic that he was using. After Nathan finished, he took some questions, then released us to meet with our groups again.

Well, that's a quick overview of the first (full) day. Tomorrow's like it too, except I have to be at the lectures early to help with the "techy" stuff... So, I'm gonna grab some sleep, since it's going to be so packed. Goodnight.

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