Tuesday, March 27, 2007
judging those who judge?
Okay, so, my last post kinda took off from what I was originally was going to say, and I didn't want it to get too lang, so..... I'll say it here, or try to, anyways.

This was on a wall in chalk (yellow, if you were wondering):

"They condemn what they don't understand."
(said by Marcus Tullius Cicero.)
I wasn't sure what to think about this. I mean, I typically don't like to judge, or other people judging others.... but something about it struck me as wrong....
Maybe it's because quotes taken out of context can become dangerous. Even scripture can. I'm not sure how Cicero originally used it. I haven't read any of his works....
Maybe it's just the way I think, always looking for exceptions to things....
But, here's basicsally my thoughts:
Take Hitler. (Yes, he's always the example.... but I'm looking for easy, not original).... I don't understand him. I've heard his book, Mein Kampf, shows a little into his mind.... and I haven't read that.... but still, who can really understand why he did all that he did? Or how he was able to do it? I don't understand this. And yet, I condemn it.
I think that the quote by Cicero has become a cry for people to "not be judged". I hate that word. I hate that phrase. It is so overused, especially by people who shouldn't be using it. And people use "judging" as any form of classification or steriotyping. The reality is: Everyone "judges" others. It doesn't make it right, but they do. Our minds work that way.
Here's what I think:
We are going to steriotype. We are going to even judge sometimes. If I see someone dressed like a punk, I'm going to think that they are probably into anticonformity or whatever. (Just as an example) But, the key is, I'm not going to assume they are. I'm not going to make a judgement on them. I'm not going to treat them diferently just because of the way they dress. I generalize, but I don't assume everyone who appears to fit that catagory actually does. I could say (as an example, just because it comes to mind.. I don't necessarily believe this) Emo kids are depressed. Now, if I see someone dressed like an emo kid, then I'm not going to assume that they are depressed and sit at home crying and cutting themselves.
Here's the other part of my thoughts:
There are certain things that are immoral. Back to Hitler: I think what he did was immoral. I do not understand, nor do I really want to understand him. But, I condemn what he did. So, there's also a moral side of things. The Bible is my moral guide (along with my conscience and the Holy Spirit, both of which God gave me for this purpose).... so, there are many things that are considered "hot topics" that I have opinions on becase of my moral beliefs. For instance: Abortion I believe is wrong.
And so many times I find myself not speakingout my beliefs because I don't want to offend people or I don't want people "judging me' for "judging them" (hahaha, ahd to stick that in)..... there's a problem there. I need to speak out what I believe. If I don't, if we don't, then the voices of those of us who do will be drown out by those who oppose us. Which is what I think is happening now..... but that's another post....

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You may have killed God, but my God lives
So, I was walking to the Commons at school, heading up to where my friends hang out, when I saw it written in chalk on a wall.

"They condemn what they don't understand."
This was originally said by Marcus Tullius Cicero. As I read it, I wasn't sure what to think. Growing up, I was always against "being judged" or "judging others".... but it seems that more and more I begin to question that. It's not that I think that we should condemn or judge everything that we don't understand, or even disagree with. But, have we taken tolerance too far? Should everything be acceptable? Should people be allowed to live however they want, to act in any way that they please?
Obviously, this is impossible. The desires of one often cross those of others. Our laws keep us from harming each other.
But, is that all that our laws have become? Are they simply there to guarantee the rights of people? A part of me is okay with this.... But a part of me is asking what ever happened to the morality of our laws?
Have we become the madmen that Nietzsche spoke of? Have we killed God?
As our society moves away from religion, the morality that goes with it is pointless. What are we left with? People's rights? Where do they come from? Is anything wrong? Are we to become gods, making our own truths?
Where are we to go from this? What's the next step? I'm afraid to think of where we will be in forty or fifty years. When even truth is subjective, what is impossible?
This is my comfort: my God is not dead.... and my Savior was dead, but is now alive! I know the Truth. My feet are upon the Rock. What do I have to fear?

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