Wednesday, October 25, 2006
Silently Screaming....

Okay.... this is a poem/song thing that I wrote a bit ago and posted on my myspace.... I figured I would post it here too....

I wrote it when I was kinda... depressed... or something.... anyways...

here it is.... so.... enjoy, or whatever....

Every so fragile, ever so frail,
Alone and cold, ever so scared,
So easily broken, evermore
Can't ever be fixed, no more

When life is fleeting, When life is gone away,
When life seems so empty,
When life is almost over,
Will I be alone?
Will you be there?

If I wear these dark glasses
So that you can't see my eyes,
Can you still see through me?
Can you see the tears I cry?

And I find myself alone again.
Are you with me? Are you here?
Why don't I ever feel you?
Why do I still cry in fear?

And I draw back alone again.
And I push everyone away.
But this smile and laugh
Still let's the hurt stay.

And I sit alone right here
Wishing you would call me,
Wishing you would be there,
Wishing you could see...

But life is so fleeting,
And life is going away,
And life is so empty,
And life is almost over,
Am I alone?
Are you here?

The silence is so deafening,
It makes my stomache sick.
Will I ever get an answer?
Or will I just live... and die... with it

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