Tuesday, November 28, 2006
Single's Retreat 2006
Okay, so we just had the single's retreat this past weekend. The theme was "His Presence"... which I thought was kinda vague..... I was kinda like, "why can't they talk about girls or lust or the spiritual disiplines, or something that would be good for me to hear..... but.... God's so great! God used the messages to speak to all those areas of my life, as well as many other areas....

C. B. Eder gave three of the four messages. Man, I love the guy. I got to eat lunch with him, and hang out afterwards with him. He was so encouraging with the things I have going on.... everything from finding a wife to just worrying about where God is taking me.

While preparing for a message, he read about David's Mighty Men (1 chronicles 11 or 2 Samuel 23).... he got all pumped up about it, and even made an encouragement before one of his messages about it.... that we should be mighty men for God and all.... But, we joked about it.... He was like, we already know what Jesus has done, and are greatful for it..... but, we need to ask ourselves.... W.W.B.D..... What Would Benaiah Do?.... and he was like, "imagine going up to a guy like Benaiah and being like 'I'm just having trouble sharing the gospel with this guy at work... I'm just worrying what he would think of me.' and Beniah would be like, 'Don't even talk to me about that... go over there'. I just want to be able to look Benaiah in the eyes when I get to heaven."

So.... we played tackle football with another church and some of the people that worked there. During the game, we joked about W.W.B.D. We all laughed, when C. B., after tackling someone and ripping their shirt, wrapped the piece of the shirt left in his hands around his head as a "trophy" to his "great exploit"..... it was a nice tackle....

Afterwards, we went to his room to get a shower (because we had all checked out, but they had let him keep his room, so he could take a nap, since he was driving home that night).... and it was great, there were about eight of us waiting for the shower, just hanging out, talking about our "great football exploits" and having a great time of fellowship with him.

Anyways, during the last message, Jimmy had a sense that there were people who were "In darkness" and depressed and "feeling alone" and stuff..... He asked them to raise their hands, and I did.... because I've been struggling with feeling depressed and stuff for a while.... and it was great.... I looked around, and I was surrounded by people who I knew loved me.... people that God had given me.... and as they prayed for me, I just felt God's love for me... Then C. B. came over and he had a word for me.... He shared about God having a special plan for me, that this was a turning point in my life, and about a few different things that I was facing..... it was so encouraging. Afterwards, I went up and had him pray for me for something in particular that he mentioned in his word for me.

So, I've come home encouraged... and motivated. I feel a genuine love for God, at a level I haven't felt for a long time... a desire to be in the word, and to have a genuine, personal relationship with Jesus... I have a passion to live for him.

However, there are a few things that I have kinda given up for a while.... I felt while I was there, that if I wanted lasting change, then I would have to make some changes..... there are certain changes that I feel like God wants me to make..... I know that they won't be easy, and some things I didn't think I could ever give up.... It's funny.... I know it will be hard, but I feel so much love for God that it doesn't seem as important or hard as I always thought it would be..... but, it still is hard.....

And, I'm back in real life now, and I know that it's going to be hard to change things and to keep them changed, and I know my flesh is going to fight.... but, WWBD? so.... I'm looking forward to see what God has for me. I really expect this to be a turning point in my life.... a time that I will point back to and up to God for.

Sorry this was so long.... But, God did alot!

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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Okay.... so, two posts ago, I posted something..... basically relying on God....

Well, he answered me. I was talking to a friend about stuff that she was going through, and she mentioned how she thanked God through the hard things she goes through..... It kinda struck home, and I was encouraged and challenged to be able to do that.... So, thanks to God for that.... and thanks to her for being willing to share with me.

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Monday, November 13, 2006
Okay, I figured I'd post about the Wild West Party!!! (YEEEEHAAAAW!!!!)

Anyways, my church had a Wild West Party for the kids.... I got to help out..... it was a lot of fun. I got to dress up as a cowboy.... I was probably as excited about it as any of the kids..... If not more so.....

So, everyone dressed up, and they had the kids playing games for candy. The church was decorated and all. The people in charge did an amazing job. They had an Indian section, complete with a tepee and a fire. They even had live music. It was all amazing. I pray that God used it to plant seeds in the hearts of the kids, and even the guest parents who were there. Mr. Turek (I'm sure that's what I'll always call him....) wrote an amazing "western" version of the Gospel, which he shared to the kids in a sort of "story time". He even spoke with a western draw..... It was great.... I only got to hear the end... I wish I could've heard the whole thing.

Anyways, it was fun.... Too bad it's over.

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Okay.... tired of everything right now......

Life's hard..... thank God I have a Savior, a Helper, and a Father.... I need them all.....

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