Thursday, January 18, 2007
The Quest I : General Overview
Okay, so, there was so much at the men's conference that I wanted to write about that I decided to make a series of posts. This being the first one, I wanted to use it to introduce the series and the conference, as well as giving an overview and basis for my other posts.

The conference was called The Quest: A Journey Through Biblical Masculinity. It took place in Hershey, PA. All the "Dave Harvey" churches were there, including churches from the UK. It took place over three days and was lead by Dave Harvey.

The Theme of the conference was, as reflected in the title, Biblical Masculinity. There were four main sessions, two breakout sessions, and a optional "special" session. The main sessions were given by Dave Harvey, Pete Greasely, and Josh Harris. They were all excellent and will be reflected upon in later posts. I will probably go through each one with at least one post each. The breakout sessions were excellent as well. There were many to choose from, and, unfortunately, you could only choose two.

The retreat was excellent. God definately used the retreat in my life to speak to many areas in my life, and, from talking to others, it seems like He used it in other people's as well. But, I'll go into that more later.

One more note: The worship. Thanks you Bob Kauflin for leading it. It was great. It's just cool to see 1400 people (or was it 1600?) men worshipping together. And that's just a taste of what Heaven will be like....

God is amazing (little but of an understatement there... but what can words do?)

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