Monday, April 09, 2007
CD's :)
So.... I went out with my family on Saturday. We drove up to the Lancaster PA, area... it was fun, just driving around together.

Anyways, so we stopped in some outlets and I went into this music store called "Music for a Song".... they basically sell CD's, DVD's, and Rock accesories and decor. I've been there once or twice before. I was browsing through, and I saw used Cd's.... so I picked up a couple. David Phelp's "Life Is A Church"... I've heard something about him, and I thought I'd check him out. I also got Trouble With X by The W's....

So, I was leaving the store, pleased with my purchases, when I went to the next store, a Christian book store, where they were having a "Going Out of Buisiness Sale".... where, (suprise, suprise) I found more CD's. The options were limited, but the proces were great. I got five(5) CD's for less than $7. rather good... even though some of them were a little dated.... one went back to 1998... but still... But, I also got a bible there.... a small leather ESV.... I wanted one that I could carry around easily....

BTW, is anyone familiar with a band called Rufio? I've heard one(1) song by them, called "One Slow Dance" which I rather liked, but I haven't heard anything else by them. I was tempted to buy a CD, but I didn't feel like paying for what I wasn't sure about..... but I like their name.... takes me back... RU_FI _OOOOOOOOOH!!! hahaha

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