Monday, November 13, 2006
Okay, I figured I'd post about the Wild West Party!!! (YEEEEHAAAAW!!!!)

Anyways, my church had a Wild West Party for the kids.... I got to help out..... it was a lot of fun. I got to dress up as a cowboy.... I was probably as excited about it as any of the kids..... If not more so.....

So, everyone dressed up, and they had the kids playing games for candy. The church was decorated and all. The people in charge did an amazing job. They had an Indian section, complete with a tepee and a fire. They even had live music. It was all amazing. I pray that God used it to plant seeds in the hearts of the kids, and even the guest parents who were there. Mr. Turek (I'm sure that's what I'll always call him....) wrote an amazing "western" version of the Gospel, which he shared to the kids in a sort of "story time". He even spoke with a western draw..... It was great.... I only got to hear the end... I wish I could've heard the whole thing.

Anyways, it was fun.... Too bad it's over.

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