Thursday, March 23, 2006
Currently Reading: Make My Life a Prayer

I was reading a collection of writings of Keith Green. He said something that struck me....right between the eyes. He was talking about how Christians in America are blessed with both material wealth and spiritual wealth.
I think you know what I mean by material wealth. Compared to many other countries, Americans have a lot of "stuff". We have everything we need and more. Millions of dollars are spent each year just on entertainment. As Christians, we are called to be responsible with our wealth. It was given to us by God, and it still belongs to Him. He wants us to be willing to give it back to Him for His work, and to trust Him. I know that this is something that I struggle with. I have trouble trusting God with my tithe, much less anything beyond that. But God wants us to be willing to give our money to His work. I'm sure that treasure in heaven is better than treasure on earth. It lasts longer. Are you willing to give your money and possessions to God? Is He asking you to give in some way?
By spiritual wealth, I don't mean that we are at all "better". What I mean is that God has given us a country in which we don't need to fear being identified as a Christian. Because of this, there are countless spiritual books to be read, Bibles are everywhere, in every hotel room. But heres the main thing. We have the freedom to share our faith. We are given the oppurtunity to freely spread the Gospel with no fear of being shot, or turtured, or beaten, or having our possessions burned, or being thrown in prison. What's the worst thing that we face? Being ridiculed? Being made fun of? Losing our reputation? Not being "cool"?
Come on, there are thousands of Christians in other countries who are sticking there necks out, facing death and torture, to spread the Gospel to their neighbors, knowing that any one of them could turn them in. And we are content to just go to our large, confortable churches and meet together, maybe encourage eachother, and go throughout the week, never even seeing the countless unbelievers that cross our paths, the many oppurtunities that God is placing right in front of your eyes, if we would only open them up, and take them off ourselves. They are going to hell. They are facing eternal separation from God. And they don't even know it. They just know that they are empty inside, that something is missing. They are were you would be, right now, if God hadn't already used someone else to tell you of his good news. God could use you. God wants to use you. Will you let Him? Are you willing to put your reputation on the line for God? He laid down His life for you.
This is really important to me, because I know that I struggle with this at least as much as anyone who will read it. But God has stirred my heart, and I hope he will stir others as well.

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